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Does your Bedford home feel cramped and lacking in space for your family or lifestyle needs? Adding extensions can create the valuable extra living area you need without the major undertaking of moving homes. However, successfully planning and general building extensions requires architectural expertise along with professional construction skills.

As trusted extension builders serving Bedford for over 15 years, Bastion Builders Bedford have the specialized experience to handle your project from initial concepts through to completion. Whether you want to add a bedroom, expand your kitchen, build a garage addition or create any other residential extension, we can deliver with minimal disruption.

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Our end-to-end capabilities as extension builders include obtaining planning approvals, extension design to maximize your space, structural engineering, complete construction services and finishing.

At Bastion Builders Bedford, we make adding high-quality living space through residential extensions a smooth, efficient and stress-free process. As a leading building company in Bedfordshire, we have extensive experience constructing all types of house extensions and conservatories to enhance homes in the local area.

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Our Services

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Proven Track Record

We have successfully completed extensions across all areas of Bedford for over 15 years.

Full Service

We handle every part of your project from design to construction and finishing.

Local Knowledge

We understand Bedford’s building codes, permits, and planning constraints. As a company based in Bedford, we know the local area very well.

Quality Assurance

We meticulously inspect all work to ensure standards are met. We are a reliable and professional extension builder.

Bedford extension builders MK40 Bedfordshire

Effective Communication

We provide frequent updates so you know what to expect through the build timeline.

Attention to Detail

We focus on getting every structural and finishing detail right. Our extensions and conversions showcase excellent craftsmanship.

Seamless Integration

Our extensions blend naturally with the aesthetics of your existing home.


Our streamlined process minimizes build time and disruption.

Affordable Pricing

Our quotes offer complete transparency with no hidden fees.

For expertly built home extensions in Bedford, choose Bastion Builders.

Why Choose our Extension Builders in Bedford?

When selecting an extension builder, you want an established local company you can rely on fully. Here are the key reasons to choose Bastion Builders Bedford:

Our Professional Approach

We utilize a structured construction process refined over years of extensions to ensure efficient, quality outcomes:


We discuss your goals, assess the site, and identify any constraints.

Planning & Permits

We obtain all required council approvals for your extension plans.


We create architectural plans optimized for your home’s layout, space and style. We can help you create the perfect design to extend your home.

Site Preparation

The site is cleared, leveled, and made accessible for construction.


We complete necessary foundation work tailored to your extension.

Bedfordshire Bedford extension builders MK40

Framing & Roofing 

The extension structure is framed using steel beams or wood framing to suit the style of your home.

Exterior Finishes 

The exterior is finished to seamlessly match your existing home.

Interior Finishes

Drywall, paint, trim and all finishes are completed based on your specifications to create beautiful new living space.

Inspections & Handover 

We thoroughly inspect all work before handover and address any questions.

Bedfordshire extension builders Bedford MK40

Our comprehensive process results in stunning, high-quality extensions built to last. As a leading home improvement building service in Bedford, we have the expertise to make your extension vision a reality.

extension builders Bedford MK40 Bedfordshire

Added Space

Extensions create valuable extra area without the major hassle of moving.

Customized Design

Extensions can be designed to perfectly suit your needs. We can build a suitable extension for any home.

Enhanced Property Value

Added living area can significantly increase the value of your property.


Extensions work with all home layouts and can be customized.

Cost Effective

Extending is more affordable than purchasing larger homes in the area.

extension builders MK40 Bedford Bedfordshire

Maintain Location

Add space while staying in a neighborhood you love.

Work Completion

Extensions can often be completed within weeks with minimal disruption. Our services ensure an efficient process.


All design choices from finishes to layout can reflect your style. We can build modern house extensions or match older homes.

Enhanced Natural Light

Smart window placement maximizes natural light.


Additional space reduces cramped feelings and clutter issues. A well-designed local extension will add value to your home.


The right home extension solutions can add invaluable space that perfectly suits your family or lifestyle needs.

The Main Benefits of Extension Building

Adding living space through residential extensions offers many advantages over moving homes:

Average Prices of Extension Building

Extension costs can vary based on the size, specifications and factors like site accessibility. Here are average starting prices:

Single Storey Extension

£100 – £300 per sq ft

Double Storey Extension

£150 – £400 per sq ft

Loft Conversions 

£40,000 – £70,000

Bedroom Extension

£20,000 – £50,000

Garage Conversion

 £5,000 – £20,000

MK40 Bedford Bedfordshire extension builders

Basement Extension

 £30,000 – £100,000


£50 – £150 per sq ft

Foundation Work

£5,000 – £15,000

Planning & Permits

£2,000 – £5,000


 £7,000 – £25,000

MK40 Bedfordshire extension builders Bedford

Total costs for a typical 15 to 30 sq ft single storey new house extension often range from £30,000 to £100,000+. We provide domestic and commercial house extension prices tailored to your specific extension plans and requirements. Whether you want to add a new room, expand your kitchen or install new windows and doors, we can build the perfect new house extension.

Areas We Serve In Bedford

With extensive experience across the region, we have completed residential extensions across:

Whether your home in Bedford is in urban areas or surrounding rural villages, we can deliver high-quality extensions suited to your property. As general builders in Bedford, we have worked on a wide range of home extension and new build projects across the region. Our teams understand the local building regulations and planning constraints in each Bedford property.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical extension project take?

Most residential extensions work in bedford take 8-12 weeks from start to finish depending on size and complexity. We have trusted bricklayingelectricianplasterer and other construction teams skilled in all aspects of building work and finishing.

What design services are offered?

We can provide initial concepts, 2D floorplans, 3D renderings, and architectural drawings to illustrate your extension.

Can you match the style of my existing house?

Definitely. We seamlessly match your home’s look and feel through roof lines, materials, finishes and other details.

How do you minimize disruption during construction?

We isolate the work area, provide temporary access points and ensure the site is kept tidy with removal of all debris.

MK40 extension builders Bedford Bedfordshire

Do you handle obtaining planning permission?

Yes, we submit extension plans to your local council and handle securing the required permits.

What maintenance is required after completing the extension?

Our quality construction requires very minimal maintenance. We provide guides for protecting your investment.

Are financing options available for extensions?

Yes, we’re happy to discuss payment plans and financing options to work within your budget. 

Can you construct a new patio or deck?

Absolutely. We can design and build any custom patio or outdoor living space to complement your new extension.

MK40 extension builders Bedfordshire Bedford

Trust Bastion Builders Bedford For your Extension Building Needs

Adding valuable living space through residential extensions can transform cramped homes without the major hassle of moving. But smart design and expert construction are crucial for seamless extensions. With over 15 years experience building home extensions across Bedford, Bastion Builders Bedford have the specialized skills to handle your project from initial concepts to completing the interior details. Our personable team will collaborate with you to create an extension tailored to your home’s style and your family’s needs.

Whether you require additional bedrooms, expanded kitchens or any residential extension addition, we can deliver. As reliable and trustworthy local builders, we construct all projects to the highest of standards. Contact our team to discuss creating the perfect extension plans for your Bedford home today. We are trusted building contractors who can bespeak building services tailored to your vision. For expert building services in Bedfordshire, choose Bastion Builders.