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Outdoor living spaces like patios and driveways are invaluable additions that boost your property’s functionality and kerb appeal. However, building new or upgrading existing driveway and patio requires specialized expertise to get right. As trusted patio contractors and driveway installers serving Bedford for over 10 years, Bastion Builders Bedford have the skills and experience to handle your project professionally from start to finish.

Whether you want to expand and enhance your patio space for entertaining or give your driveway a whole new modern look, our team can bring your vision to life.

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We handle everything from demolition of old patios or driveways to installing new quality surfaces perfectly suited to your landscape. Our expertise includes working with popular paving materials like concrete, brick, natural stone, tiles and more to create stylish, durable living areas designed to last for decades. We can match existing surfaces seamlessly or give your exterior spaces a fresh new look.

At Bastion Builders Bedford, we make upgrading your patio or driveway a smooth, stress-free process. Contact us today to discuss transforming your outdoor spaces. As accredited garden and driveways bedford installers, we guarantee you’ll love the results!

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Our Services

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Expert Craftsmanship

With specialist training in hardscaping, our builds are crafted to the highest standards.

Quality Materials

We only use premium grade quality paving materials designed to endure.

Custom Designs

We can create bespoke designs tailored to your vision and add value to your home.

Trustworthy Reputation

Years of satisfied customers across Bedfordshire recommend our long-lasting work.

patio driveways MK40 Bedford Bedfordshire

One Team for All Work

We expertly handle demolition, prep, patio installation and finishing.


Our process is streamlined to complete projects promptly.

Attention to Detail

From precise measurements to clean lines, every aspect is done meticulously.

Local Knowledge

We understand Bedford’s climate, soil and building codes.

Affordable Pricing

Our quotes offer complete transparency with no hidden fees.

Choose Bastion Builders for smooth, stress-free home refurbish and decorate completed to excellent standards and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose our Driveways and Patio Builder in Bedford?

When selecting a quality Driveway or Patio builder, you want an experienced local company you can trust. Here are the key reasons to choose Bastion Builders Bedford:

Our Professional Approach

We utilize a phased construction process refined over years of completing projects in Bedford:


We meet to discuss your vision, assess the site, take measurements and advise on options.


We create a custom plan optimized for your property, needs and preferred paving products.


We remove all existing surfaces and debris completely and safely.


The base is leveled and graded for proper structural integrity and drainage.


Pavers or poured concrete are skillfully installed according to the paving designs.

MK40 patio driveways Bedfordshire Bedford


We apply any final decorative touches like patterns, borders or sealing.


Thorough checks are conducted to ensure there are no defects or flaws.

Clean Up

The site is cleared of all equipment or unused materials leaving it neat.


We walk you through the completed patio or driveway and address any questions.

MK40 patio driveways Bedford Bedfordshire

Our streamlined process delivers exceptional results you’ll enjoy for decades. As experienced patio installers and paving contractors in the town, we handle all aspects of your drives and patios project seamlessly from start to finish. Trust us for professional patio services and superior craftsmanship.

MK40 Bedford Bedfordshire patio driveways

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Attractive hardscaping creates an inviting look that impresses.

Outdoor Living Space

Patios extend your home’s livable area for relaxation, dining and entertaining.

Improved Durability

New properly installed surfaces stand up better to heavy use and weather.

Increased Property Value

Outdoor upgrades boost resale value.

Low Maintenance

Block paving and other quality materials are easy to maintain long-term.

Bedfordshire patio driveways Bedford MK40


Even surfaces and proper drainage prevent hazards and slip risks.


Tailor the shape, materials and features to suit your taste from a range of styles.

Better Accessibility

Pathways and ramps can improve access for mobility issues.

Energy Efficiency

Light colored garden paving helps reduce heat absorption and cooling costs.

Storm Resilience

Proper grading provides effective rainwater drainage.


The right gravel driveway or patio becomes an invaluable cost effective asset that you’ll enjoy for years. Invest in a new driveway and unlock the full potential of your property with Bastion Builders Bedford.

The Main Benefits of Patio and Driveways

Investing in a professionally built new patio or driveway offers many valuable benefits:

Average Prices of Driveways and Patios

Driveway and Patio costs can vary depending on the size, materials, site conditions and other factors. Here are average starting prices:

Concrete Driveway

(2 cars wide x 20 ft long) – £1,500 – £3,000

Brick Paver Driveway

 (2 cars wide x 20 ft long) – £2,500 – £4,500

Stone Paver Driveway

(2 cars wide x 20 ft long) – £3,500 – £6,000

Basic Concrete Patio

(200 sq ft) – £1,500 – £3,000

Stone Patio

(200 sq ft) – £2,500 – £4,500

Brick Patio

(200 sq ft) – £3,000 – £5,000

Bedford patio driveways Bedfordshire MK40

Tarmac or Resin Driveways

 Prices Vary

Gravel paved Driveways installation

£1,500 – £3,000

Demolition and Site Prep

 £500 – £1,500

Grading and Drainage

£800 – £2,000

Design, Permits and Labour

£1,500 – £3,000

Bedford Bedfordshire MK40 patio driveways

We offer options to suit every taste and budget. Our driveway block paving and garden patio paving brings value at fair pricing. Many factors like accessibility, drainage requirements, decorative features and regional labour costs can impact overall pricing. We provide detailed quotes specific to your project.

Areas We Serve In Bedford

With deep roots across Bedfordshire, we have completed numerous high-quality installations covering Bedfordshire and around Bedford including:

Whether your property is in Bedford and surrounding areas, we provide prompt service. Our crews thoroughly know the local requirements, terrain and building codes in each area. As trusted patio paving builders and contractors, we guarantee quality workmanship from our skilled teams. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most durable paving materials?

Concrete, brick, indian sandstone and stone are very durable options. We recommend materials best suited to your climate and home style.

How long does a new install take?

The full process typically takes 1-2 weeks from demolition to completion depending on size.

Should existing surfaces be demolished?

In most cases, yes. Removing old patios or block paved driveways allows proper base preparation for the new surface.

Can you incorporate decorative features?

Definitely. We can add designs, borders, patterns and more based on your vision.

Bedford patio driveways MK40 Bedfordshire

Do you obtain permits if required?

Yes, we handle securing any required council permits for projects on your behalf.

What about drainage and grading?

We professionally grade surfaces to allow proper drainage and prevent pooling issues.

Do you only work on residential projects?

No, we have experience with commercial installs for businesses, hotels and more.

How do you get a neat edge on my new slabs?

Our specialized tools allow us to cut and lay pavers with clean, precise edges.

Can you advise on laying a resin driveway?

Yes, we are highly experienced with resin and can recommend if it’s suitable for the surface of your driveway.

MK40 Bedfordshire patio driveways Bedford

Trust Bastion Builders Bedford For your Patio and Driveways

The right patio or driveway creates an invaluable outdoor living space and aesthetic boost for your Bedford property. But careful planning and expert installation are crucial. With over a decade of experience transforming outdoor areas across the region, Bastion Builders Bedford, specialist in Bedford, have the skills to construct stunning, durable driveways and patios that check every box. Our personable team, composed of patio experts, handles your project smoothly from conceptual designs to the finishing touches. With an important project like this, it’s important to choose proven professionals, experienced in installing a new driveway.

Whether your goal is to expand patio space for entertaining or give your driveway a modern, low-maintenance upgrade, we deliver. As trusted garden patio paving builders and Bedford paving experts, we have the expertise to build the local driveway in Bedford you’ve dreamed of. Contact Bastion Builders Bedford for your free quote today and learn why we’re the top choice contractors in Bedfordshire for beautiful, long-lasting driveways and patios.